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Saturdaze Magazine is an online and print zine based in Los Angeles. Saturdaze fosters a community of creatives who are passionate about artistic expression, inclusivity, and empowerment. Our online platform focuses on a variety of topics such as interviews, personal essays, fashion & beauty, love & relationships, identity, activism, music, film, and poetry. We also create physical issues, which are centered around a specific theme. 


Our Co-Creators/Co-Editor-in-Chiefs, Charlie Slan and Allana Campbell, started Saturdaze in May of 2020. Charlie and Allana have been best friends for the past 17 years, so they naturally chose to start Saturdaze together. Saturdaze Magazine is eternally grateful for our community and everyone interested in our zine! Thank you! 



For any further questions about Saturdaze Magazine, please visit 

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