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Since we’re Saturdaze Magazine (Saturday being the best day of the week) we decided it would be fitting for our first issue to be about the best days of our lives (the weekends). We are encouraging you all to email us submissions that reflect the best moments of your life. We want to see art of all mediums that express happiness, friendship, empowerment, and self-love. We want to see moments from your adventures and content demonstrating how you spend your weekends. 

What we’re accepting:

  • Non-fiction Articles

  • Poetry

  • Journal Entries

  • Short stories

  • Photography

  • Videos/Video Edits

  • Collages

  • Paintings

  • Drawings


Pitching Articles:

  ☺ Email us at saturdazemagazine@gmail.com

  ☺ Write “article pitch” in the subject of the email

  ☺ Include in the body of the email your full name, age, pronouns, Instagram handle, location.

  ☺ Include what theme your article fits under (fashion & beauty, identity, activism, music, or poetry). If your idea doesn’t belong under these categories, please tell us what theme it falls under.

  ☺ Write us a short pitch (1-2 paragraphs) about your concept. 

  ☺ We’ll try to get back to you about your article within the week! We’ll either approve your pitch or modify it. 



Extra Information: 

  • All submissions must be original and unpublished.

  • When submitting, you’re keeping the rights to your work but are allowing Saturdaze Magazine the rights to display and publish your work.

  • If submitting photography/visual art, all people involved in the makings of the work, gave consent to the work being submitted.

  • If you have any further questions, please email us at saturdazemagazine@gmail.com <333


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