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What does it mean to be a staff member?



A member of our team consistently dedicated to furthering the magazine within their respected medium. Our staff creates weekly content for the website, Instagram, and magazine that fits with our vision and aesthetic. 


Why be part of Saturdaze Magazine?


Our team is full of amazing and creative people who are passionate about artistic expression. By joining our team, you’ll make friendships, have a platform to showcase your work, and collaborate with like-minded creatives! You’ll be surrounded and supported by the wonderful team members of Saturdaze.


Please note that: 


  • All positions are unpaid and are volunteer-based.

  • Applications are open to everyone. Location, gender, race, sexual orientation, are non-factors. We are inclusive to everyone ♥.

  • Your application will be responded to if we’d like to schedule a video interview. 





If none of the above positions apply to you, feel free to send us an email about your interest in joining the team. 

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