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As we transition from summer to Autumn it’s about time that we swap bikinis and sundresses for “real clothes”. Arguably the pandemic has led to the prioritisation if comfort; something which has transferred into fashion too. With this in mind, possibly the biggest trend of the season takes shape in the form of knitwear. Luxury fashion houses haves draped their runways with sweater vests, cardigans and chunky knits. Effectively meaning comfort has never been so chic!

1. Sweater Vests

A trend which was previously stigmatised as dull and boring has had a makeover this year. From colour blocked to argyle knits; sweater vests draped over a white shirt are integral for your wardrobe this season.

2 . Cardigans

2020’s most valued influencers and “it” girls are all wearing cardigans. From outrageously bright colours to pale nudes, so even if you’re confined to your living room your “lockdown looks” can be both chic and comfortable.

3. Flares

In true 70’s fashion,the rise in the popularity of flares allows us to all have our own Jackie Burkhart moment. Flares add a playful spin on more casual looks and can be paired with both cropped or oversized jumpers for all weather this autumn.

4. Leather Blazers

This year, fashion has taught us that we are able to pick ourselves up and all in the action of getting ready and the injection of playful outfits. From all black as provided by shows of Balenciaga, Hermes and Fendi or with the injection of colour; taking a leaf from the books of Prada. Leather alone is a must this year, leather blazers are even more of a staple.

5. Collared Jumpers

An unexpected addition to wardrobes to this summer merging both class and comfort. I think we all agree that Blair Waldorf would have worn this piece, and if Blair Waldorf wears it - you probably should too.


By Charlotte Todd


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