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By Loving Our Only Mind For The Moment

Saturdaze: Hey Bloomftm, introduce yourself!

Bloomftm: Yee so my name is Max Lopez but my artist name is Bloomftm. I am 20 years old! I’m just here to express myself, and hopefully I can inspire others to be themselves, no comparison.

Saturdaze: What inspired the name Bloomftm?

Bloomftm: Honestly at first I wanted to make a name that would represent growth and grace. Bloom is a good one but there are too many Bloom’s out there. So I added the ftm at the end so I could be unique in my own sense, plus it looked cool. For the first couple years of my music career though I wasn’t confident in what it meant. People would ask me and I would always say Bloom For The Moment. However, once my art started evolving more I confidently changed it to the phrase, “By Loving Our Only Mind For The Moment.” 

Saturdaze: What was early life for you like? Describe growing up and an experience that shaped who you are today :) 

Bloomftm: It was good honestly, I've always been more to myself. As a kid it was never hard for me to relate to someone, and even today I can totally get on your level! The one thing that I felt though was loneliness at a young age. I was shy and a little awkward so I didn't make a lot of friends in Elementary or Middle school. I was always the one that didn't do what everyone else did but it was never really a problem for me though. An experience that shaped me into who I am today would definitely be the Mixed Martial Arts life I had from 7 years old to like 15, like Jiu Jitsu / Muay Thai / Boxing that kind of stuff. I got to understand brotherhood and humility.

Saturdaze: Why did you decide to start making music?

Bloomftm: When I was 17 years old I fell in love with photography and videography, making dope edits with dope music, just vibing not doing anything specific. Fast forward I’m 18 and it came to a point where I loved editing but I hated that I had to use other people's music. I wanted it to be FULLY my vision. So I decided to start making beats and just fully going for it. Now we’re here with 15 projects under my name and making more. I love creating.

Saturdaze: Who are your inspirations when it comes to making your style of music?

Bloomftm: A LOT. I love listening to music as much as I like making it. Erick The Architect, Psymun, cat soup, drip-133 are artists that inspire my production. Bones and A$AP Rocky heavily inspire my flow.

Saturdaze: Describe your music-making process in a few sentences.

Bloomftm: It’s usually fast and experimental. One thing I am good at is flipping any sample in many ways.

Saturdaze: What is one goal you’re aiming towards in your music career?

Bloomftm: The main goal I’m really aiming for is creating more and creating with other unique artists. I want to be able to create a fan base and community that shows that each individual's perspectives and is cared for in the community that is my fans, ya feel? 

Saturdaze: How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it? 

Bloomftm: I’m not afraid to do weird things and shake it up. I would describe it as like lofi, experimental rap, I also love dreamy sounds and indie music and pop vibes so I guess it’s a mix of light and dark but my own style.

Saturdaze: If you had to pick, which song of yours is most meaningful to you and why?

Bloomftm: I love all my songs but I would have to pick “nashville," it was one of the first songs I had with decent vocals and it’s still one of my favorites. The song always takes me out of my head and in the moment.

Sarurdaze: Who makes the cover art for your albums?

Bloomftm: I do! The art is second most important or just as important as the music in my perspective and I need to be part of everything. 

Saturdaze: Lastly, is there anything else you want to tell us?

Bloomftm: Stay open minded and respect everyone.


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