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Conviviendo con cuarenta emails que alguna vez envié

Title Translation: Living With Forty Emails That I Sent

I want to start a revolution, letter by letter.

By Paloma Sky

I don't remember the exact moment when it all started.

Actually, now I see it. 

I wasn’t in control of any of the construction of this beautiful and ambitious plan.

Calling it a plan because you need to think what’s the next step, always.

I’ve been sending e-mails mostly to Artists. 

Basically I send them an intuitive message, and with it, goes an action for them to do.

Started by sending e-mails, and now, I am sending the actual handwritten letter.

It’s been a two year journey so far.

The fact that artists are those who approach me, adds a little touch of randomness and makes me realize that I can’t control where it goes. I have the vision, but I don’t choose who decides to join me, and honestly, that’s the most fun part.

I take art as a big part of my life. I've been doing different disciplines at different stages.

Went through painting, video art, and performance. I don't limit myself to just one.

But when I take a specific direction, I use to dedicate my time to one single discipline until I see that the work is finished.

With letters and e-mails, I try to connect with people in a deep way.

And nowadays, the concept of e-mail or letter has become almost strictly a selling/promoting/notifying tool. 

Imagine someone ringing the doorbell.

You are excited when the postman gives you an envelope.

You open it, and there is a text made for your soul.

And that that moment has changed your life forever.

I strongly believe that small gestures, and common places, transformed into revolutionary places, could change the whole game.



My bathroom full of envelopes from the piece “ Living With Forty E-mails That I Sent”.

Julio 2020 , Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Conceptual Art Made & Written By Paloma Sky



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