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Dreamscape USA: An Eco-Friendly Essential for Y2K Bags

image credit: @samscustoms

As fast-fashion continues to dissipate among Gen Z teens looking to lessen its detriment on the environment, eco-friendly and sustainable fashion brands have been given the limelight. Its abandonment has become a catalyst for self-made brands to take current fashion trends like y2k by storm, all while holding on to the personal feeling of things hand-made. Gone are the days of thoughtless threads, and in their place, unique brands selling styles from A-Z through Depop and social media. We talked to bb, the creator of Dreamscape USA--a Virginia-based brand that sells handmade bags in every style, color, and texture all while putting good back into the world in the process. 

Dazzling your feed with bright pastels, patterns and textures, and the lush feeling of spring and summer days, Dreamscape USA is a go-to for sustainable bags for every outfit. What began as a way for bb to create a bag completely personalized to herself has since sky-rocketed into a brand whose unique bags are recognizable on every insta feed-- Eden Mccoy, Luna Blaise, Lexi Jayde, and Emily Skinner’s to name a few. Every bag is handmade uniquely, holding on to the personal touch of the first bag that began Dreamscape in the first place. Each collection has a completely different vibe from the next, yet they all hold onto the 90’s nostalgia and playful, ethereal vibe that sets Dreamscape apart from other brands. Stumble upon the Dreamscape insta and it’s clear that the bags are not only stunningly sewn and stitched, but meant for every fit, for every occasion--whether its a night out in the streets of LA or a thrifting trip downtown. Hear what bb had to say as she took us through the process of running her own sustainable fashion brand! 

Saturdaze: Hi, bb! Where are you calling from/where is dreamscape based? Tell us about yourself. What are your passions? Are you the sole creator of Dreamscape?

bb: Hi! I’m calling from Virginia, where Dreamscape is based! I’d say I’ve always been into fashion. I think my love of fashion started all the way back in elementary school, whether it was going back to school shopping or putting outfits together and dressing up for fun. Even as a young kid, I feel like I was always experimenting and having fun with my style! I also took art classes all throughout middle school and highschool which I think has been an influence on my current work for sure. I’m the sole creator of Dreamscape!

Saturdaze: Tell us how you got into the world of fashion + creating your own brand. What sparked the creation of Dreamscape?

bb: Dreamscape actually started May of this year! I was scrolling through Pinterest a while ago and I saw a lot of outfits with really cute bags, so I clicked on a few and searched to see if I could buy some, but they were all either fast-fashion, expensive, or just didn’t really fit the style I was going for. So I decided to make one myself! I posted on Depop that I was going to make the bags myself, and I got a ton of comments from people saying “omg, make me one!!” or “i want one!” and these were honestly some of my first customers. After that it just took off from there!

Saturdaze: That's so rad! I see from your page that each of your bags is sustainable and ethically made by you. In addition to sustainable + ethically made, what would you say are three words that you feel encapsulate what Dreamscape stands for/its vibe?

bb: Sustainable and ethically-produced is a huge part of what Dreamscape stands for! Especially since the whole creation of it sparked from me not wanting to purchase a fast-fashion bag. Hmm. I’d say in three words, the bags are fun, functional, and cute! Sometimes it’s hard to find a bag that’s all three of those factors. They’re usually either cute and not functional or the other way around.

Saturdaze: Take us through the process of designing, making, and selling the bags. Each one is so unique, so what inspires your choice of patterns, textures, etc?

bb: So I’m always scrolling through Pinterest for new ideas and inspiration, and that always sparks my imagination of it regarding the style of the bags. I always sketch out cute outfits and bag ideas, so that’s how I usually come up with new designs. The patterns and textures always come from visiting fabric stores and searching around or picking out what I like online. I usually like going to the stores so I can really see and feel what each fabric is like and think about what I think I like and what other teenagers would like. I make all of the bags at home, and sometimes my grandma helps me with the sewing aspect of the process. She’s always sewed my dresses and clothes growing up if there was ever anything wrong with them, so she’s definitely helped me a lot and influenced me growing up and pursuing fashion.

Saturdaze: Do you take all of the photos for Dreamscape too?

bb: For the most part, yes!! My friends and family are part of my photoshoots, so they help model and take pictures for the bags. I first began just taking photos of the bags on grass, and my mom was actually the first person to take a photo of me in our backyard to post. And that’s kind of how the brand and the whole branding process started!

Saturdaze: What would you say is your most popular bag? What prompted this design? 

bb: The leopard print is definitely my most popular bag. I think it's because it’s very 90’s which is coming back these days. It matches with everything and is super cute. It was actually the first bag I ever created and the bag that inspired me to create Dreamscape in the first place!

Saturdaze: What would you tell someone who is interested in buying a piece from Dreamscape? What sets Dreamscape apart from other sustainable fashion brands?

bb: I'd say what sets Dreamscape apart from other brands is definitely the quality. I make sure to try and experiment with a bunch of fabrics to find the best quality one and make sure each bag is made with love and care so it can truly last forever.

Saturdaze: You’ve made quite a lot of sales through depop. Do you feel this platform has helped grow your business? Do you plan to expand to a website or sell other pieces? Paint us a picture of what Dreamscape will look like in a few years!

bb: Usually I reach out to people who I feel like would like the bags, and I’d say depop is definitely one of the best platforms in helping Dreamscape gain exposure. Teenagers are always shopping there and it makes it super easy for them to discover Dreamscape. I definitely want to open a website soon in the near future for customers through Instagram and such, but I think Depop will always be there as a form of exposure. In a few years, hopefully, I see Dreamscape expanding and becoming more professional, with a lot more photoshoots, styles, colors, and overall just bigger!! I’d love to really build the Instagram feed as well!

Saturdaze: I noticed that you donate some of the proceeds from your bags to different organizations focused on social change or just giving back to those in need. It’s seriously so admirable that you’re using Dreamscape to positively impact the world. Can you tell us about this?

bb: Aw thank you so much, that means a lot. I can totally tell you about that!! Basically, my mom would always donate regularly to different organizations, so I decided I would pitch in a little every month! So at the end of the month, I sometimes put a poll on Instagram or just ask around about different organizations I could donate to and pick a different one each month! A couple months ago it was an organization for Black Lives Matter and last month it went towards a single family in need in Afghanistan! So yeah, we just pick one each month that we think would need out help and sometimes, like last month, directly to families in need!

Dreamscape USA encapsulates what it means to ditch harmful fast-fashion in exchange for something uniquely handmade and positively impact the environment in the process. Not only are the bags perfect for a day out, but their soft textures and fun patterns enhance every fit and flood the comments with people asking, “omg, where can i get one?!” Not to mention a percentage of the proceeds go towards a cause for social change. Buying a bag from Dreamscape doesn’t just mean buying something new to carry your favorite essentials (although we love that about it too!), but each bag also carries the sustainability, intimacy, and eco-friendly consciousness that Dreamscape stands for. There’s definitely something to be said about the good Dreamscape is putting back into the world, all while taking its uber-cute bags along with it. We loved being able to catch up with bb and hear her vision behind the brand- her hard work and creativity are truly something to be admired. We'll be swooning over her bags forever!

You can find Dreamscape USA and its creator, bb, on instagram @dreamscapeusa and @yerbabybb! You can purchase a bag for every style and season + positively impact the environment on Dreamscape’s Depop!


Article Written By Kyrie Varieur


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