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I lost myself

Pressed between pillows and puppets,

A dark blurred memory,

Scented of male’s sweat and fresh lavender’s bedding.

Biting my lips,not to scream, as you told me.

Erasing my face with the sheets

Wishing I wasn’t there.

Keeping my stained soul and bloody underwear

Hidden, as you told me.

There’s no place in my heart, for milk and marmalades, anymore.

Blood and tears are the Infernal rivers dividing

The land of the innocence and the land of the sin.

I am not guilty of any perverted viciousness,

I simply want to die.


By Audree’ Nack

IG: @missnackkk


Audree’ is an Afro-Italian girl based in Manchester, UK.

She is a published author, her favorite topics are the most controversial as she likes to spread awareness without sugar coating the daily battles faced on the daily by her people, the black community, by LGBTQ+, survivors and people struggling with ED.


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