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Studying Fashion During Quarantine

“Good clothes open many doors” - an excerpt from a fortune cookie. 

I, like many teeangers have grown up dreaming of the fashion industry as my eventual workplace. A paradisiacal world of innovation, creativity and lots of glossy magazines. As teenagers the industry still almost feels impossible to enter; so here are some ways to make the impossible feel possible!!

There is an abundance of online fashion courses to follow to better enrich your knowledge of the industry and its history. Platforms such as Coursera and Future Learn all offer lots of free short courses specialising in fashion! If the price tag is not an issue industry leaders such as Anna Wintour and Tom Ford both have specialist courses via Masterclass. Many fashion schools also offer paid short courses that are available over the internet. 

Watching fashion shows is not only an incredibly fun and exciting place to start but also entails the educational factor of better understanding trend patterns as well as budding fashion designers gaining inspiration from big name designers. Documentaries are also educational yet easy and fun places to start learning more about the industry! 


Inside British Vogue

Alexa Chung The Future Of Fashion

The September Issue 

Dior and I 

If you can afford it buying fashion magazines can definitely spark interest in the subject matter, whilst also being able to pick up inspiration and understand the seasonal trends through the mood and colour schemes of the magazine!! Most large magazines also have accompanying websites that are covered in articles that fashion prospects can use to enrich their understanding of the industry. 


Learn to sew! If you haven’t already acquired the skill then when’s a better time to learn? Not only will it help you in your future career path but it is also a skill that can be used to upcycle clothes or create new ones altogether!!


Zoe Hong 

Nick Verreos 


Use Pinterest! Creating Pinterst boards for inspiration is important to build looks that could lead to the creation of your brand!!


Written By Charlotte Todd


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